A Focus on Key Strengths of the Security Sector for 2020

Updated: Jan 16

By David Mundell, Axis Security Managing Director

David Mundell, Axis Security Managing Director, provides his thoughts on what he believes are the

key strengths of the security sector for protecting

our people, property and community in 2020.

One of the key developments in the security sector, and specifically the role of a security officer, is how that role

is expanding. Whereas before, the emphasis was very much on ‘security’ and protecting a client, their buildings and their people from harm, today their role has evolved

to embrace a much wider brief. And this is their key strength.

It is reflected in the training now provided. Historically, officers were given on-site familiarisation training along with a range of courses that met the specific needs of the contract – for example Conflict Management or First Aid. Now it is different. Today our officers receive training on much broader subjects that are focused around care and consideration for other people and their environment.

They are trained, for example, to identify those with Mental Health issues who might cause harm to themselves or other people; they are trained also in how to deal with similarly sensitive issues such as homelessness. When you consider that one in four of us experience mental health issues every year, and that London alone has more than 9,000 people sleeping rough, it is not difficult to grasp the importance that such training is now given.

The strength of today’s security officer is that they now have the tools to cope with a much wider range of issues. Of course, they are still there to provide protection, but they now deliver a great deal more besides.

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