Congratulations to all the Nominees and Winners of the Extra Mile Awards

Many thanks for all of your nominations for the Extra Mile Awards 2019. Well done to everybody who was nominated, a great achievement.


Marzena Chmielewska, Group

Paul Brennan, Guenther

Julie Blackmore, Group

Nelson Lino, Southside Shopping Centre

Billy Horgan, Group

Ryan Whitmore, Savills/CEG

Nimesh Amin, Group

Abigi Charles Yakou, Q Parks

Beata Allen, Group

James Foster, Swan Centre

Ben Day, Group

Leon Lester, Swan Centre

Olorunfum Omosule, UCL

Jayson Scandrett, Swan Centre

Ian Wilson, HSBC

Tracey Hill, Swan Centre

David Powell, HSBC

Sapphire Rouse, Swan Centre

Albert Opaku, Net A Porter

Katie Ford, Swan Centre

Kamran Rafique, BNP

Darren Whittingham, Northern Rail

Marcus Humphries, LSH

Yvonne Johnson, Esure

Daniel Naimi, Management

Joseph Lovell, JCB Transmissions

Phil Eaton Snr, Workman

Tom Jacob, Management

Jay Rehman, UCL


Kamran Rafique

Marzena Chmielewska

Marcus Humphries

Albert Opaku

Paul Brennan

Billy Horgan

Phil Eaton Snr

Nelson Lino

Ryan Whitmore

Olorunfum Omosule

Darren Whittingham

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