Final 5 shortlisted for the ACS Pacesetters Awards

It is the time of year when we have to sit down and put forward our nominations for the ACS Pacesetters “Officer of Distinction Award”. This is the sixth year of the awards and we have been fortunate enough to have at least one winner each year.

This year the organising committee from ACS Pacesetters restricted each company to a maximum of five nominations and that is where our challenge started. There were so many that we had to have two sessions to finalise the five that we put forward. All those who made the shortlist for the award nominations are to be congratulated on their individual performances and can be rightly proud of themselves. Each one has brought credit to Axis Security, our clients and most of all themselves and their respective families.

Our five nominations are:

• Brandon Fitt, Harbour Exchange

• John King, JLL South West & Wales

• Julio Ferreira, St Paul’s Cathedral

• Muhammed Mehr Ali, HSBC Camden House

• Rokas Labasauskas, 52 Lime Street

Others shortlisted were:

• Mohammed Zahoor

• James Gradwell

• Stephen Volker

• Jonathan Oakey

• Paulina Ladino Virguez

• Geoff Cuthbert

• Andrew Burke

Click here to see previous winners.

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