Our Axis Security February Employee of the Month Winners are...

Following a strong month of nominations, we are delighted to announce that two employees are winners this month!

Congratulations to Stephen Volker, Security Officer based at Chiltonian Industrial Estate, and Bradley Helfacre, Security Officer based at Mercury Mall.

Bradley Helfacre

Bradley recognised two youths in the centre that were wanted by the police for a robbery offence. Bradley apprehended the youths with the security team and called the police. The police attended and arrested the youths for the outstanding robbery offence. The police were truly grateful for the actions of Bradley and the team.

Jon Guerriero, Contracts Manager at Mercury Mall, comments:

“I am very proud of the way Bradley dealt with the incident. Unbeknown to us the youths are also known to the police for carrying knives. We have since had the mother of one of their victims call and thank us profusely for our actions.”

Stephen Volker

While on night patrol on a single manned site, Stephen came upon two men in balaclavas dismantling an occupiers van and making preparation to steal. Stephen bravely intervened by shouting at the offenders, disrupting their activities and thereby causing them to flee empty-handed. He managed to get back safely to his station and called the Police.

Laura McCall, Axis Security Account Manager, comments:

“This officer showed remarkable quick thinking and bravery considering he was alone at night. Praise must be given to his actions when many would have taken the easier option of not engaging at all.”

Well done Bradley and Stephen!

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