Safer Neighbourhoods Initiative

Through our partnership with the Victoria Business development team and the community policing team, Axis Security are able to run regular days for our building tenants to advise and support issues such as personal safety to and from work. This includes bike to work, marking and safety days as well as incident and scenario based training sessions aimed at increasing awareness and actions required for incidents such as bomb evacuations and suspect packages.

On the 19th April, Axis organised a police community safety day at Belgrave House, London. The session was about personal safety and tenants were offered advice on safety when travelling to and from work on public transport, and awareness of personal surroundings. They were given a range of giveaways such as handbag safety locks, personal attack alarms, and property marking kits and torches as part of the mornings input.

Police community engagement builds confidence in our tenant groups, provides added value to our contractual services to our client buildings and fosters excellent working relationships and flow of information between police and neighbouring businesses.